Refund Policy

When a course is cancelled by the training provider a full refund will be due, if a course is cancelled by the attendee, no refund will be due.

If an individual customer is unable to attend on the scheduled course date reserved, the customer should notify Equipt Training at least 3 business days in advance. If they do so, we will agree and reschedule the course date with the customer for any course date in the next 6 months, subject to availability.

If a customer fails to notify us in advance of inability to attend on the course date reserved 3 business days before the course start date, then a rescheduling fee will apply.

Rescheduling charges are as follows:

  • For requests received 5 business days or more in advance of the scheduled date of the course, a charge of £50 is payable for rescheduling.
  • For notification given less than 3 business days inclusive before the course date, a charge of £95 per course will be charged to reschedule.
  • If a course is rescheduled due to insufficient identification documents a fee of £95 will be charged.
  • If you fail to notify of non-attendance, a new course will have to be booked and full payment will be due.

In the event of non-attendance where payment has been received, there shall be no refund and in the event of non-attendance where the fee has not been received, the fee will remain due and payable.

Equipt Training complies with the law and operates the following refund policy in respect of the cancellation of individual course bookings.

If a course is run exclusively for a corporate customer – at a training providers premises, on a customer site or any other alternative venue – the same refund terms apply in the event of cancellation, but an alternative course date can be arranged by agreement.

Course cancelled by the customer – no refund will be due

We operate a “no refunds” and “no cancellation” policy for our discounted courses offered.

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